Blogging no longer only functions as a personal journal online. Corporate blogs can be used very effectively as promotional and marketing tools to diversify your web presence.

Having and maintaining a reputable business blog will ramp up website views, enhance the credibility of your business, and keep customers connected to you.


Knock Out works closely with your business to create a blog that functions as a marketing platform. Our team of marketing specialists will design the blog to promote your business and services, while at the same time providing compelling and enticing content for readers.

Our marketers will drive traffic to your blog, and by extension, to your website by linking to authorities within the industry using online keywords.

We will create and frequently update a blog that augments your credibility, ramps up your online audience, and expands your business.


Blogs consist of posts that can be added or updated at any time. Besides providing interesting industry information, posts can also be interactive, giving customers a means of leaving comments, sharing your blog posts, and publicly supporting your brand. Endorsements like this from existing customers helps potential customers view your business as trustworthy and increases the likelihood of them giving you their business.

Blog posts can include big news stories from within the industry, engaging business updates, links to other websites that promote your business, and much more. Posting content that interests people not only attracts customers to your blog, but also compels them to comment and share your posts – ostensibly becoming another means of promoting you business with no effort on your part.

Maintaining an interesting and dynamic blog allows you to:

  • Market your business to both current and potential customers
  • Attract web visitors
  • Encourage web visitors to return again and again to see the next update
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build the credibility of the company