As the world continues to move online, interest in Internet market has skyrocketed while interest in traditional advertising has waned. Far from rendering print advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, and direct mail pieces useless, this shift in interest provides a valuable opportunity. Research shows that when handled properly, print advertising can still be effective, and because of the downturn in interest this form of marketing is extremely cost-effective. With the established marketing expertise the Knock Out team offers we are able to repurpose our online marketing strategies to perfectly fit print materials.


Knock Out understands the value of knowledge in marketing, so our work on your print materials will begin with critical research. We will identify your target demographics and factor in what the age and location of your customers means in terms of what print materials will prove to be the most effective.

Once we establish who, what, and how you should use print advertising, we can then formulate a plan of action including how large an ad you should buy and the number of outlets in which you want to advertise.

The next critical step is establishing a print advertising schedule and budget. This aspect of your print marketing strategy will not be driven by people whose job it is to sell you the advertising space – it will instead be handled by our team, focusing on what is best for you and not the publication you’re advertising in.

Part of the reason we excel in print marketing is that we excel in online marketing. These two facets of your overall marketing strategy are NOT mutually exclusive! Your print materials need to be integrated into all parts of your marketing. Our marketing consultants will work with you to feature your print materials online, on your website, and in email marketing in the most beneficial way possible.

Once the entire plan is set, the same unparalleled designers who work on our websites go to work making your print materials stand out of the crowd. Never worry about your print materials getting tossed into a pile of junk mail – these eye-catching, attention-grabbing materials will all but beg potential customers to check them out.


Print advertising is NOT a way of the past, recent studies show that print advertising can still be very effective, but only if handled in the correct manner. The same statistics that are giving newspaper editors sleepless nights can provide valuable information about how to handle print marketing. In the hands of our first-rate team, we can adapt your print materials to account for the facts of the print marketing world and make them work to your benefit, not your detriment. Proper management of your print materials will allow you to:

  • Integrate online and offline marketing
  • Attract customers with well-designed graphics
  • Get a print marketing plan that fits your budget and needs
  • Take advantage of a cost-effective marketing strategy